Is it easy to Navigate??

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February 20, 2018

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Is it easy to Navigate??

Last week on our Game Plan blog series, in “Hashing Out Your Inventory” we discussed the challenges most dealers face when it comes to their inventory; the importance of sorting your inventory and how it is easy to do with’s tagging system. This week on our Sale$ycle blog, we want to talk about menuing those pages.

Have you ever gone to a site and didn’t know how to navigate through it? Or, went to a website after searching for what seems like forever, and finally found the link you were looking for? If you have, you know how frustrating it is, and probably found a different source for the information you were seeking.

Where information is located on your site is just as important as the page itself. If a customer cannot easily navigate to the information they are inquiring about, most consumers will just search somewhere else. This translates into a lost sale and likely, they will become a customer to your competitor.

Today, 80% of consumers use the internet to research before they step into a dealership. The average dealerships they visit is 1.6 before they purchase a vehicle but they will research 10 dealership websites along the way. These statistics confirm that it is important to have brand recognition on your website, as well as, easy-to-use navigation.

At, we set you up with a menu that has been proven to work. As we create your website, not only do we use proven techniques but we also listen to what is important to you and integrate that into your overall website design with your consumer in mind. We can help improve your bounce rate by looking at your overall navigation and design.

Follow us next week on our Game Plan series as we talk about the importance of navigation in your design and the overall aesthetic of your website.

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