DealerTeamwork Announces New Partnership with Carbase

Eric Miltch

January 17, 2017

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DealerTeamwork Announces New Partnership with Carbase

DealerTeamwork and Carbase today announced a new partnership designed to improve communication and performance between shared automotive clients. DealerTeamwork's account management and development teams will work closely with the Carbase support and product teams to expand the scope of product functionality and support each team provides.

The new relationship between DealerTeamwork's Launch Control software and Carbase's responsive website platform lets both companies operate together to generate new product ideas, improve Launch control's performance, and the Carbase platform as well. The two companies will also strive to reduce client onboarding times and deliver a higher level of quality website experiences for their online visitors.

"We're thrilled at the opportunity to work closely with Carbase. Their entire team continues to demonstrate the highest level of personal and professional skills and has already provided immeasurable help to DealerTeamwork," said Sean Stapleton, CEO of DealerTeamwork. "We're excited to leverage the collaboration of our two companies and bring further advantages to our combined customer base."

Carbase has built a successful business around a valuable website platform for their clients and has expressed the desire to expand its resources and industry footprint. DealerTeamwork's Launch Control platform fits well with the Carbase philosophy and their direction.

"We don't partner often, but when we do it is with industry experts. DealerTeamwork and Carbase together will help stretch every marketing dollar spent. The mere fact that a dealer can call either one of our companies and reach someone who is knowledgeable and honest, and come from a dealership perspective, will have outstanding results over the short and long term," said Jim Slattery, CEO of Carbase.

About DealerTeamwork LLC: DealerTeamwork is a SaaS company creating first-class solutions for the retail automotive industry. Launch Control is the industry's first MPOP, a patent-pending, merchandising and personalization optimization platform. The platform creates a significant competitive advantage for dealers by distributing their transactional data to more in-market shoppers effectively and efficiently. For more information, please contact DealerTeamwork for a 20-minute demo, or contact us at

About Carbase: Carbase designs and operates custom websites and SaaS marketing tools for nearly every segment of the automotive industry. With a cutting edge U.S. based software team, the proprietary Carbase platform was built from scratch from the automotive perspective, ensuring top notch out-of-the-box SEO geared towards inventory searches, unmatched site customization, and new features every day. Every Carbase client has a dedicated, no-nonsense support team available via email and a phone call. For more information, please visit Carbase or contact us at

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