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get pre approved in seconds

Our Get Pre-Approved In Seconds 30 second credit application is a lead generation package that will produce more online automotive leads than other standard credit applications.

Instead of the typical long form credit application, our Get Pre-Approved In Seconds is short, fast and easy to fill out.

Customers can pre-qualify in seconds with instant online approval. This application actually checks the three major credit bureaus and returns a decision based on credit criteria that you set.

Streaming video walks the consumer through every step of the application process.

You can set your own approval credit criteria.

We also have a Spanish version to capture even more qualified leads.

We 'skin' the Get Pre-Approved In Seconds application so it matches the look and feel of your dealer website.

You will receive the credit application seconds after the consumer submits it.

You can even view their credit report and compare it to your credit criteria.

30% average credit application to sales ratio.

Contact us now to get the Get Pre-Approved In Seconds 30 second credit application on your dealer website. We are an authorized partner with Dealer Centric.

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